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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 5, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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i'm joe holden. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> two accident out there, one on the boulevard, we know the bulk of the commute today will be nice. >> hopefully quiet. weather actually not too bad. even despite the system off shore. it is one of those looks can be deceiving kind of deals though, because the system really churning up the surf. so if we can, we go out to the maps, storm scan3, nice and quiet here locally, but that's not necessarily when you look out to sea what's posted now, post tropical cyclone hermine, basically the renmant that far system. while all is good, even up toward cape cod, you do still have the clouds sort of building in on the outward rim of this system possibly passing shower, but i would say generally speaking we stay dry here today. only thing is even when you see some of the clouds, parting for some sunshine, even at the shore, you have to keep in mind that that water is very dangerous, to go in at
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this point. we do still have coastal flood concerns, basically, between ten and noon today. ten a.m. and noontime. when we will see the next high tide cycle come in. there are still coastal flood warnings posted across the entire jersey shore, pertaining to our area, in through the delaware beaches, what you see in this sort of neon green color, coastal flood advisories, so, everyone basically is included here. if you are near the shore line. meanwhile, here is where we stand temperature wise, actually cool start today, in the 50's, 63 at the airport, 50 mount pocono, and 64 wildwood. as the day progresses bit of cool morning, but even by 9:00 a.m., low 70s, so the sun will do its part to warm things back up. but notice breeze to work with, as well, so in short, nice day, inland, at the beaches, though, best to just stay on dry land. meisha, over to you. >> better safe than sorry. thank you so much, katie. looking outside, where we had accident happen earlier this morning, and it looks like it is all clear. boulevard northbound, off ramp
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to wissahickon, closed for some time, then blocked all lanes for some time trying to get the car towed out of that weird situation, now looking all clear, and look how quiet it is looking out there. the vine at 20th street, around ben franklin parkway, we know made in america festival all weekend long, then road closures, so speaking of that, a, looking really quiet here, i'm going to get to some of the road closures, quick peak in new jersey, 42 northbound, creek road, i mean, at 5:00 a.m., typically if this was not a holiday we would not see it like that. enjoy the open roadways. so these are some of the closures for the made in america festival. ben franklin parkway between the art museum sickle and 20th street, re-opening right about now. so hopefully sometime soon, also spring garden street at pennsylvania avenue, same story. these boats should be opening right about now, as they break down the stage and breaking down that whole festival area. accident in chads forwards, baltimore at creek road, car went into pole, but when we look around, still seeing
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green. not slowing down at all, actually looking okay around the area. also, some construction lingering about in new jersey 295 both directions between 42 and route 168. tractor-trailer trip there, 42 both directions between 295 and route 544. i'll let you know as soon as those clear. brooke, jill, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a threat of hermine not over just yet. >> as the storm spins off the coast, authorities down the shore brave for possible tidal flooding. "eyewitness news" reporter jack car -- jan carabeo live where high tide is set for later this morning, jan, good morning. >> reporter: joe, brooke, good morning, ocean city is already feeling the impact from this storm in several ways. couple of local businesses here report that their sales are way down because of the threat of bad weather here. also, the labor day race that usually happens here, every year at 9:00 a.m., has been cancelled this year. the city says for the first time ever. and there is still a threat as you mentioned of coastal flooding, possibly beach errosion, than threat will
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continue here in ocean city through at least the morning high tide. that is expected to just after 11:30, right now, though, as you can see, just a breeze, with some rough surf and empty boards. ocean city still again under flood warning, tropical storm warning, and water here will remain closed to swimming today due to the rough surf and strong currents. those are still dangerous conditions, and officials are asking vacationers not to disregard the temporary ban, fortunately, though, for the most part, looks like the jersey shore dodge add bullet here, still that storm threat sent crowds from the shore this weekend, "eyewitness news" on the board, last night, and spoke with business owners who were seeing profits way down on one of the busiest three day weekends of the entire year. and those who stuck around say they're going to leave early today. >> we are going home early to avoid the possible flooding. >> we still have very dangerous rip currents, so, you know, really please do not go into the water.
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we also have a threat of storm surge. >> so officials here are asking residents, and vacationers, to keep an eye on the conditions. be prepared to move their vehicles from low-lying areas and streets that often flood, still, by and far right now, looking pretty good. but the conditions can change. so officials want everyone to stay aware. reporting live from ocean city this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". brooke, joe, back into you. >> thanks, jan. >> take a look at this picture shared by the harvey cedars police department in ocean county. those rough waves churned up by the storm caused some minor beach errosion there. with hermine tracking north, delaware governor jack markell has lifted a limited state of emergency, for sussex county. he took to twitter saying the storm's impact on the first state has been minimal. in rehoboth beach, the ocean was off limit for swimmers yesterday. that didn't stop some people. the beach patrol rescued a young man after he was caught
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in the rough surf. >> it is not worth get too long close to the surf right now. just too powerful, too dangerous, and it will do what it want to do. it doesn't care about you being a human being, it will suck you out, and may take your life. >> now, as you have been hearing, the ocean of course still too dangerous for swimming. >> a passenger on board cruise ship is tweeting about the impact of hermine at sea. this video from someone on royal caribbean's anthem of the sea. you can see the rough waves, now, he says he shot this video from a balcony at the back of the ship. the anthem of the sea's left cape liberty for bermuda. you may remember the same ship was battered back in february when it sailed off a storm off the coast of north carolina download our app to stay available on weather. >> new this morning, police are looking for the gunman who shot two people in north philadelphia. >> the shooting left a woman dead and man fighting for his
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life. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live at temple university hospital to bring us up to date on the latest investigation. justin? >> joe, brooke, right now police have few leads to work with, what was a double shooting investigation, is now a homicide investigation, with that woman dying of her injuries just a short time ago. let's take to you video from the scene in north philadelphia. this all went down on the 2200 block of north wadwick street. man and woman in their mid 20's, gunned down, left lying in the street. eight shell casings were also found, but gunman and motive remain unknown at this hour. many woman was shot in her back, the man in his head. report of the shooting came until about 12:30 this morning. now, once police arrived, we are told they had to work very fast. >> twenty-second district officers responded to the report of a shooting with two victims. officers arrived on location, and found a female victim, 26
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years old, and male victim, 25 years old. male was shot in the head. female was shot in the back. officers transported both victims to temple hospital in extremely critical condition. >> now, of course, that woman would die here about a half hour or so later. that man is still here fighting for his life. we are toll he again was shot in his head. police have not disclosed their relationship at this time. but they are again urging the public if they have tips to bring them to them. they have slim leads at this hour. live outside temple university hospital. i'm justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", brooke, joe, back into you. >> thanks, justin. >> new this morning, police are searching for the kill here stabbed a man to death early this morning in west philadelphia. it happened a little after midnight, near belmont and westminster, not far from an automatic teller machine. police say robbery is a possible motive. they are checking neighborhood surveillance cameras to see if any of those caught the crime
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in action. >> the weather has been perfect. been holiday weekend outside in our area. this was the scene yesterday, in camden's cooper river park. there was plenty of food to go around. one couple brought a grill for a barbeque, another family enjoyed tasty desserts and the shade. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and tens of thousands of other enjoyed labor day weekend on the parkway. cold play was among several performers taking the is it stage yesterday for the made in america festival. all this weekend, more than 06 artists performed including rihanna. this is the fifth year philadelphia has hosed the concert series. and it wasn't just rock stars attracting crowds that made in america. check this out. bill clinton made surprise appearance on the parkway. this is former president taking a selfie with a fan, that's what they do these days. >> bill clinton and i it says there. helping people register to vote.
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>> this was the scene along the parkway this morning. crews were already hard at work, dismantling the stage set up for the made in america festival, and trying to get the parkway back to normal. i sat in traffic for an hour after work friday just to go and pick up my tickets. >> i was with you on that. >> no, it was rough. things will be smooth now. campaign 2016 continues this labor day. >> we'll tell you candidates making stops today, and the candidate taking a break. plus: >> have active shooter at 1225 in the street. officer down. >> we'll show you what happened moments before officers say a man shot a guard inside a jail, what officials say they'll not be doing in response. >> and police make arrest after a murder in logan, disturbing thing they say the killer did after hitting a woman with a car.
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feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc. it's extra crispy good. >> philadelphia police have made arrest after bizarre killing in logan. it happened last night on the 700 block of west louder street. investigator he is say someone shit a woman with a car, then hit her with a shovel. the woman believed to be in her 30's died about an hour later, no word yet on a motive. >> police are looking for fake
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cop who roped and pistol whipped a man. it happened sunday night along concourse drive in belmont avenue, in fairmount park the robber took off with $100, driving black ford explorer with flashing lights. he is described as a black man in his mid 30's, wearing all black, with facial hair. the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> police in upper merion township -- >> police in upper merion township are also looking for a fake officer who robbed two prostitutes, they say, inside a king of prussia hotel. investigators say, two female escorts set up a meet wag man over the phone for saturday after placing an ad on internet website. the they say when the man alive at their hotel room, he identified himself as a police officer working undercover, and robbed the women at gunpoint. the suspect last seen wearing burgandy hooded sweatshirt, bluejeans, driving two door silver car. if you have any information contact police. >> california's jail now making changes in security
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despite a shoot that wounded two corrections officers. police say an ex-convict was waiting to visit an inmate at the fresno county jail saturday when he tried to cut to the front of the line. investigators were trying to get him to sit down when the shooting happened. officials describe the suspect as a gang member who spent 16 years in prison for sex offenses. hillary clinton will hit the campaign trail this labor day, the democratic presidential nominee will spend her time in two battleground states, ohio, and illinois. her focus today is on working families, republican nominee, donald trump, fresh off from a campaign stop, last friday in philadelphia, will make a stop tomorrow in virginia beach. it is closed to the public. >> turning to weather now, hermine's impact something going to be as bad as we may have originally thought. people still need to be careful, right, katy? >> absolutely true. sort of the silent problem may not be very obvious to you. you know, a loft times when you have tropical system that is this close, you would
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think, okay, you'll have great skies at minimum or some heavy rain, certainly we've got the wind out there, but we've had bright sunshine in recent days. so, again, if you are at the beaches it, may be less than obvious to you why there is still a concern. see the best on how things will be shaking out here today. in a system again still well off shore, perhaps, we see passing shower from this, and i'm show you the future weather as it pertains to this just in a second here further i lan, nothing but clear skies and comfortable outside. so bottom line here is we'll have pretty decent day, best to stay on dry land. so here is what is going on. system again, renmant of the hermine storm will still be churning out to sea for the next couple of days. i'll show you what's going to take place here. future weather the next couple of days, could there and shower that maybe makes its way close to the coast?
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possible. at least through wednesday, storm still basically same spot, still leading to dangerous rip current, still out there. so the long and short of it is this. not only will you have that rip countries being continuing for the next couple of days, moderate tidal flooding still a concern. coastal flood warning posted until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow for all of the new jersey beach or shore line as well as delaware beaches. with that persistence just on shore wind flow out of the northeast, so the biggest concern right now is the next high tide that's coming in today. so from about 10:00 a.m. until 12 noon when the next high tide comes in. we're going to have any major kind of coastal flooding, that's what it will take place generally speaking at the time of high tide. so again, 10:00 a.m. until noontime. here is a look outside on the delaware. delaware river, that is. outside palmyra cove nature park, 62 degrees, pretty light win, but generally, out of the north for most of the region. that's allowing for very comfortable air to set many in, and skies clearing out nicely despite tropical system
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off shore. so the dew point temperature currently at 54 degrees, it feels really pleasant, and the rest of the day generally going to feel much the same. looking forward in the seven day forecast, we heat up and steam up from this day forward, especially wednesday into thursday, cold front passage, could see shower or thunderstorm, but getting steamy. couple of days it hit the 90s, back to you. >> thank you. good morning being happy monday, happy labor day. looking outside. and the roads are just looking exactly how you would imagine, looking quiet, and looking real nice. fifty-nine south at the airport, you can see both moving northbound or southbound anywhere you go around the airport, it is nice and easy, and i have a feeling, this is going to linger like this, might even go through the 6:00, maybe even into the 7:00. see what happens. blue route northbound both directions on the blue route northbound and southbound. i can't even see one vehicle out here on the blue route. so if you are headed out to the blue route, how about it?
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the vine at 20th street, around the ben franklin parkway, looking good here, as well, seeing more vehicles out here on the vine by the way, not closed overnight, but overnight con scrub struck sean, and the parkway know it is i would say it will be normal. it will be little bit more normal then because of the concert that's cleaning up now, ben franklin parkway between the arc museum circle, cleaning up soon. spring garden street at pennsylvania avenue we are waiting, they say around 5:00 a.m. just make note the closures are still out there, but they will be clearing out sometime this morning, and i will of course update you and let you know as soon as they do. brooke, over to you. >> taking a look at newspaper headlines from across the region. >> from the burlington county schools the lever it school getting ready to welcome sixth graders. went through $8 million renovation, it will become the new home of the district's six grade academy. gifted program and the alternative education school. >> the intelligence err
5:20 am
reports on efforts by first responds tears save pets in distress and pets caught in fires. they use special oxygen masks by animal advocacy groups, some shelters take them in for treatment. >> and, the reading eagle report catholics celebrated the canonization of mother teresa at saint theresa calcutta church. about 75 parishioners gathered to watch the canonization an agents around 4:40, sunday morning, later a crowd of 700 turned out for mass and standing room only. >> and there is a look at newspaper headlines from across the delaware valley. pat gallen here with a preview every sports. >> good morning. >> hi, guys, how are you? wild weekend for the eagles, we know that. who will the starter be? that's our big headed friend. plus, crazy tackle not on football field, on a race trackment take a look there is was after the finish at the camping world truck series race in ontario.
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>> it is 5:24, of course, pat gallen is here with this morning's sports. >> kind of wild weekend. >> you can say that. >> it never stops with the eagles, hey, guys, it is football season. great things happen. after a stunner on saturday, eagles get back to work today preparing for week one against the browns, and with a new starting quarterback, who ever that is, the birds, trade in
5:25 am
sam bradford to the minnesota vehicle innings over the weekend, cashing in on desperation of the vikings, get first rounds pick next year when the draft is here in philly condition at fourth round pick in 2018. will it be carson went under center sunday? we'll know more today, but reports say they will be the week one starter. doesn't forget that the season begins right here on cbs-3, coverage starts sunday, 11:30 a.m., toyota sunday kickoff. then the nfl today follows at noon. then it is the birds and the browns at 1:00. and stick around, after the game, it is the cure auto insurance cbs-3 postgame show. family first, the message that former 76ers guard drew holiday whose life lauren former us soccer star as she battled a brain tumor. holiday is pregnant with the couple's first child, and will have brain surgery six weeks after she gives birth. she is due in mid-october, but could be induced early to speed up the treatment. now, with the new orleans pelicans drew holiday is
5:26 am
taking indefinite leave of absence from the team, to tends to his family. the associated press top 25 college football pole will look little different when it comes out tomorrow. notre dame the third top ten team to lose over the weekend looking -- including this, shoot-out last night with desean, throwing for five touchdowns and texas longhorns carper back shane buchele connecting on two long scores. but it was the longhorns back up quarterback/running back tyrone swoop who scores in the second over time right here with the dive. longhorns beat number ten irish 50 to 47. >> you don't like me? >> there was a pretty wild finish, i do, i do, wild finish for the nascar world truck series race in ontario. this is the final lap. john hunter, and coal. battling down the stretch. their truck wise up on the
5:27 am
dirt. themecheck declared the winner of the race, not without a wrestling match first. >> oh,. >> they go at it. they were separated but not without making a full of themselves first. got to love when there is a good nascar fight. >> let me talk. so you bash the schooner then having something good to say about the longhorns? >> i think we have to go to break. i'm sorry. >> we will speak during the break. >> sure, sure. >> just kidding. hey, a replica of london burns to the grounds. >> have a look at this, the scene was a blaze that destroyed 400-foot wooden model of the city. it was done on purpose, the reason next. >> the fbi joins the search for two men who robbed a bang in our area over the weekends. where investigators say they pulled a gun before taking off with cash. katie? >> good morning, here across the majority of our area,
5:28 am
however, we are still dealing with some very churned up sea courtesy of hermine, full details on what you can expect to see at
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. hermine is out at sea, but that doesn't mean it will not


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